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1. Applicant Information (According to Applicant's Certificate of Incorporation)
2. Background of Applicant (Please provide supporting documentation)
3. Application Details (Please attach a separate detailed proposal)
Proposal category*
Charge to participants*
4. Declaration of Interest (If applicable)
5. Declaration
We declare that:-
  1. All information provided in this application as well as the accompanying information is true, complete, and correct. The Foundation reserves all rights to take further action if, after the application deadline, the organisation is found to have submitted incorrect or false information.
  2. We understand and agree that the Committee will process and approve the application based on the information in this application form and with reference to previous information (if any) submitted by the applicant for the funding programme. The allocation of funding and the amount to be granted are subject to the decision of the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final and binding.
  3. We fully understand the contents thereof and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Application Instructions. If the funding is approved by the Foundation, we agree to comply with all the terms and conditions. We agree that information contained in this application and subsequent submissions (including all the appendices, attachments, supplements, and revisions) may be used for disclosure in public announcements and publicity.
  4. The programme and its relevant activities must not use for political, religious, or commercial publicity of an individual or an organisation.